Upcoming Fundraiser Event

David Davinci - Thrillusionist

Join us on Monday, October 29th 6pm at Union Middle School for an evening with David Davinci- thrillusionist. 


Thrillusionist:  Not a magician, not just an illusionist, but  a thrill-seeking, mind-bending master of prestidigitation who creates  an alternate world of fascination with gravity-defying hair and leather  pants (required).

As seen on 6 continents.

Prepare to be mystified by mind boggling illusions and jaw dropping  magic, seamlessly fused with exotic parrots that materialize from thin  air. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, your jaw will hit the floor, as David  DaVinci presents his interpretation of the age-old art of magic and  illusions, in “Thrillusionist!”

Tickets prices

$15.00 General Admission 

$20.00 Day of event (If available)

$25.00 VIP seating

Tickets can be purchased here by clicking on the shop button, located at the top of the screen or can be purchased at the store in person. 

This benefit show will allow Ronies for the love of birds to obtain 501(c)3 status and help so many rescue birds. Our mission at Ronies is to create a fun and safe place for everyone to come and learn about birds, while offering a safe place for birds to be adopted. Bring the family and enjoy a fun night while making an impact on the bird community. We hope to see you there!  

David Davinci -Thrillusionist

Join us on Monday, October 29th at 6pm!