Going on Vacation?

We offer your bird a home away from home.    

Your birds will be well cared for, loved, and treated like royalty while you are away.

Vacation in peace knowing that Ronie's loves your birds, just as much as you do.

We believe that ensuring a safe, healthy and fun environment provides your bird a happy place to vacation while you are away. Special requests? Yeah, We do that. 

  All birds that board at Ronie's must have : 

  • A health certificate from a veterinarian.   
  • Be tested for psittacosis, as well as Gram stain and blood profile.  
  • Health certificates will be valid for one year, and a bird may be boarded anytime within that year.  good from one year from signed date. 

 Boarding includes- Sanitized Cage, Food of choice, fresh fruit & veggies and grooming, if you choose.


Large Bird (Macaw, Cockatoo)

$14.00 per day

Medium Bird (Grey, Amazon, small breed cockatoo)

$12.00 per day

Small Bird (Conure, Caique, Myers, Quaker)

$10.00 per day

Extra small Bird (Cockatiel, canary)

$8.00 per day

For availability or if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.